eKhaya – Our Story

This is where it all began


Warren Wilensky

Father, eKhaya Creator


The journey began when Warren became a single adoptive parent of a four month old baby girl. Concerned that the majority of skin products on the market were synthetic chemicals and petroleum based, he began looking for natural alternatives for his daughter’s skin.


Warren’s search for a natural alternative, led him to adapt an ancient traditional skin care recipe, using grass-fed TALLOW (Beef Fat) as the main ingredient. After testing the balm on himself and then on his daughter, he noticed a dramatic improvement in both their skins. After 6 months his kitchen he took the product to a laboratory for testing and formulating. Today Zero BS is produced at a cosmetics factory under stringent industry controls. The 100% natural ingredients used in Zero BS, may result in slight variation of colour, fragrance, and density of the product, this by no means impacts its effectiveness.

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