eKhaya – Next-Level Skin Care & Hair Care 

Introducing eKhaya – a breakthrough product range that unlocks the secrets of our ancestors.

What makes eKhaya unique is its key ingredient – Tallow (grass-fed beef fat).


Skin Food

This traditional recipe from a blend of grass-fed beef fat is the perfect solution for ethnic skins. Use it as a facial cream or all-body moisturizer.
Whether it’s for eczema, dry skin, rough spots, dark spots or daily nourishment, eKhaya Skin Food is the go-to solution for ethnic skin.
Suitable for baby too.

Hair Food

eKhaya Hair Food is an oil treatment that prevents breakage and promotes hair growth.
For the control of dandruff and relief from itchy scalp.
The tallow-based formulation maintains healthy hair with no build up.
Massage into the scalp for long-lasting results. Come back to your roots with eKhaya!

The Science

What is Tallow? Tallow is animal fat, specifically from a grass-fed beef.
Since ancient times people have used Tallow to protect their skin and hair against the elements.
What makes Tallow different? Tallow is absorbed directly into the skin while other creams form a layer on top of the skin.
Other products rely on unnatural chemicals and petroleum, while Tallow 100% natural. Tallow is perfectly compatible with our skin’s natural oils.
The tallow used in Ekhaya is only from grass-fed cows, ensuring the maximum amount of nutritional value from the grass is absorbed into the skin hair and scalp.
Therefore, Ekhaya is the purest way to nourish your skin and hair. Entrust your skin to the wisdom of our ancestors.

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